Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why Me Wednesday


I won! I won! Woohoo! I won!

And finally........ the GRAND PRIZE winner goes to: Tricia (no not me) AKA Mrs B. Who posted the favorite among the judges "Happiness is knowing one day my kids will have kids just like them" Oh as if THAT doesn't get me through each day!!! You have won 24 tarts of 8 different scents!!!!

Did you see that? Twenty four tarts in eight different scents from Dream Tarts! Yeah, go me!

So Tricia has started an awesome Wednesday ritual. Complaining about the essentials and inconsequentials of life. Since it's the first Why Me Wednesday, I'll keep it light.

  • Belle decided it would be a good idea to unroll all the toilet paper in the bathroom and leave it on the floor...why me?
  • She then thought it would be a good idea to unwrap a tampon and through it into the toilet, plastic 'launcher' and all. Lucky me I got to pull it out...why me?
  • Marcus had to go to the doctor's today and since we let my father-in-law borrow the truck, it means we only have one vehicle. I had to drop Mr. B off at work, which means at 9 PM, I get to pack all the kids in the Explorer and drive half an hour to pick him up...why me?
  • My free Clinique cleanser I got yesterday, the kids thought it would be great fun to dump it all on the floor...why me?

I also want to mention that Tricia is running a contest over at her blog. It is all about happiness. You know, the exact thing my blog is ALL about! :) Either way, I am entering...I totally want to win the awesome prize. Good luck!


Ang said...

How is Marcus doing? When you get a chance let me know..worried sick!!

Nutty mom-- said...

Sucks you lost your cleanser. Too funny about the tampon though, I mean uh.....why you?