Monday, January 19, 2009

His Health ~ Chapter 11

1. How would you describe your husband's general health? I would say his health is good. He could eat better and he doesn't get to work out as often as he would like, but when he notices a weight gain, he pushes himself to make healthier decisions.

2. Are there specific areas of your husband's health that concern you? The only thing that concerns me is that when he is sick or has a symptom of a serious problem, he won't go to the doctor unless I make the appointment and I make him. Once, he had to give three stool samples and I had to lay down a major guilt trip for him to do it. I want him to be proactive about his health. I am so afraid he won't go to the doctor for something that could have been taken care of, but instead it festers into something really bad.

3. Are there and specific areas of your husband's physical health that you are concerned about possibly being a problem in the future? Explain. Not really.

4. Does your husband have good or bad habits when it comes to taking care of his health? Describe and be specific. He could eat better, but a lot of that is my fault because he will eat whatever I make for dinner. I need to make our dinners more healthy.

5. Does your husband have good intentions but poor follow-through, good intentions and good follow-through, or does he have no intentions at all when it comes to taking care of his health? Describe. Good intentions but poor follow-through. He always says he is going to do things, but he doesn't put forward the effort. This applies to many areas of his life.

6. Does your husband have particular habits that bother you because they undermine his health? Explain what they are. Would you describe your attitude about his health habits as being pleasantly patient, cheerfully convicting, or notoriously nagging? Explain. Alcohol. Even though he doesn't drink very often, when he does, he doesn't know his limit. He thinks he is fine to drive and when he gets home, he falls asleep quickly and is dead to the world. He also acts like a different person when he is drunk. He is never mean, but kind of a wuss...I can't be angry with him at the time because it does no good. Besides alcohol, I am pretty patient with him on his health. He goes to the physicals I set up once a year and if I have to nag him for follow up, I will.

7. Are there things you have tried to get your husband to do for his health, but he just won't do them? What are they? How does that make you feel when he won't take your suggestions to heart? What do you think he should be doing for his health? I wish we could go work out in the morning together. He doesn't leave for work until 11 AM, so I would like to get up around 8.30 and go together...he would rather sleep. I understand that, because I feel that way now, but I know it would be so much better if we went to the gym.

8. Read Proverbs 16:24 In light of the Scripture, how can you contribute to your husband's health? By saying things pleasantly to him.

9. Read 2 Kings 20:5 What does this Scripture promise to those who pray fervently? Healing.


Nutty mom-- said...

I sooo could not work out in the mornings. I hope ya'll get to go soon! More power to ya

Ang said...

My husband is horrible about his health( I am too) but he attitude is that is nothing is broken why go to the doctor and let them find something wrong.... He does have to get an annual physical every year but it's not what I would call a thorough physical. That is something I really need to make a matter of prayer. He will be 47 next month and his dad had several heart attacks and eventually died of cancer. So this is something I need to take much more serious!! thanks for the post!!