Wednesday, January 28, 2009

His Reputation ~ Chapter 15

Let me say that I don't really get this chapter. Virtue is indeed important, but is she asking that we pray that God helps our husband keep his name in good standing? What about the things that are spread by others or out of his/our control? I think this is indeed a good thing to pray for, but doesn't the Bible say that God blesses those who are persecuted unjustly?

Also, what do you do when his bad reputation tarnishes you? I wish she would have touched on that. I feel like everyone who knows of the affairs looks on me as weak, they throw me pity, and I am just a "poor wife." That is something I really hate. I know I am no any of those things, that I must work even harder now to restore my name because of his infractions. I guess I'm a little bitter...praying for that too.

So I guess my prayer is that he chooses wisely and within his control in order to keep a good reputation. I do think I can have a major impact in that I can condone or disapprove of behaviours that would put his name in a good/bad light. However, in the end, I can't control his actions. So I will continue to pray that God continues to bless him, give him wisdom, and clarity. In those things, I believe he can/is work(ing) on reparing his reputation.


Ang said...

I think you are right...when someone goes thru this they do 'pity' the woman..which part of me understands that but as time goes on, the woman wants to become stronger and needs support for that as's a shame that the woman has to go thru so much 'change' because of her husbands choices. I know life isn't fair..but I do think God will reward you one day for trying to follow His word and doing what YOU are supposed to be doing in your marriage regardless of his actions...even though you can pray for those. I am proud of you..I don't pity you, I hate it happened...I respect you for going on with 3 kids and really digging deep and unearthing all those emotions that have alot of hurt attached to them that I am sure you wish you could just bury. But by dealing with them, they will eventually be buried or the resentment side of them will and you will be able to love freely chains and no bondage!! love ya girl

Daberath said...

Some people might view you as weak or have pitty for you. You are always going to be judged by someone, in today's society there is no way around it. However, you should hold your head high because you really are STRONG. Most women couldn't endure what you have and come out the women you are today. Don't get too caught up in what others think about you, your husband, or what has happnened in the past. I know thats easier said than done, but honesty God doesn't care what other people think. Its ALL about your relationship with Him and your faithfulness to His calling in your life. Hold your head high friend and keep praying to God through your struggles. He will see you through. The past is the past, if you and your husband have worked out the kinks thats all that really matters. You need a good reputation with God, more than you need a good repuation with your neighbors. Keep on keepin' on! God rewards honesty and faithfulness.

Ang said...

Hey girl just checking on ya!! I am wanting to know what goes on in Chap 16..:) love ya

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

I found your blog through "two coins" and have been reading for a while.

Just wanted to say that you are the strongest person EVER. Seriously, you are incredibly strong and you children are SO LUCKY to have you as a model.

I really am praying that you find peace-- that your husband understands how enriched his life is BECAUSE of you-- how lucky he is that you stand by his side-- I think that anybody else wouldn't have been able to.

Nobody judges you-- we care for your happiness. That is all. I pray that you are led in a direction that allows you to truly find YOUR happiness.

God bless,