Thursday, January 8, 2009

Six Descriptive Words

Mama Kat is having a feel good/bad about yourself marathon...ok, my words not hers. Here is the question:

Ask a loved one to use 6 descriptive words to describe you and report your findings. How well do they know you?

So I asked Mr B, all through text messages of course and here's how it goes.

My Text
I need the top six words you would use to describe me. Be honest.

His Text
Beautiful, honest, extroverted or outgoing, intelligent, upstream thinker (or any other one word that best describes that characteristic), and gullible. What about me? I want to play?

My Text
Do you mean forward thinker, like out side the box or I think ahead like into the future?

His Text
Both, I'd say in depth thinker, but how do you sum that up into one word?

My Text
I have 7 not in any particular order. Understanding, generous, charismatic, selfless, romantic, gorgeous and funny.

Now isn't that all so sweet? Except I think he could have left gullible out...even if it is VERY true and I told him to be honest, I don't think I really meant it. So I am replacing it with Extremely Talented. Its my blog, I'll change his answer, change the rules, and you will like it. Thanks for liking it...I am honest....and beautiful. Don't forget beautiful.

So there you have it.

In depth Thinker
Extremely Talented

I accept my award with total humility....


Ang said...

Oh I LOVE this...I saw it on someone elses blog also..I'll have to ask Charlie what he says about me..(I am not sure I want him to be COMPLETELY honest..ha)

Thanks for commenting on Chloe's cheerleading..I never know how to let people know I appreciate their you comment back on 'my' blog or theirs? they go back and re-read where they have posted to see if the person responded?..ha I 'think' too to be safe figured I would just post on yours and tell you thanks!!

You have to understand this is a little county summer cheerleading squad and it's the first time they have ever done anything like the girls were super excited. To them it was like the girls on TV :) I can't believe you did all that in high school..our school would have not even knew anything was out there like this!

Keep up your wonderful journey with your's such an inspiration...and has made me re-think so many things in my own marriage and I have been married almost 21years..just alot of areas that I have let my guard down the process of life, kids, finances and now that I have written a novel...I'll push POST..:)

Ang said...

Hey sorry to write so soon again..ha but I love the little 'blog frog' thing on your side bar..I just have the 'most recent vistors'...does yours list everybody that visits? or just certain ones? I try and check yours daily now that you are reading this book but I don't see myself over there?

heidi said...

Wasn't that fun?? Seriously. Next time just sprawl out on the bed and ask. He'll be all distracted and say only nice things. ;-)

Daberath said...

How sweet! What a fun thing to do :) Glad things with your hubby are good! I just read your posts about the book!! It sounds like it has been helpful!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that's what he was trying to say anyhow. ;)

Mama Kat said...

You two are cute!