Friday, January 16, 2009

Last Night

So last night I was in a BIT of a bad my dear husband comes home, not having done anything wrong, but knowing its been a trying day. I am trying to control my attitude and it just comes out as one word conversations and shifty eyes. It starts hitting the fan when Raef starts rubbing his macaroni and cheese all over the glass topped kitchen table, followed by Belle repeating over and over "I don't want a big girl cup, I want a sippy cup...Sippy Cup....Sippy Cup!!!!!" Then, as I try to multi task between the apple juice and the watery cheese dripping onto the kitchen floor, I see that someone has put the letter magnets into the dogs bowl...super awesome!

---So this is my conversation with Mr B seconds before I completely lose it---

Mr B: (he has embraced me in a hug and is speaking softly in my ear) "You don't have to do anything tonight. I will take care of everything. You just go down stairs and relax. We can watch The Office and just veg. Then later, I will rub your shoulders and then you can take a nice shower."

---Obviously he has notices my lack of clean hair and no deodorant.---

Me: (sigh....) "That sounds great. I love you."

Mr B: "Then later on, I will sex you up."


Ang said...

Man I think he needs to call my husband :):):)

Mom on a Coulee said...

I want some mac and cheese on a glass table top, sounds like an artist. Switching for a sippy to a big girl cup is such a tough transition, do you have tupperware cups with the sippy lids a good in between in my opinion, and I can give you a hook up if you need one. I have connections.
Just think about the day you will look back and wish your little Raef would smear some macorini instead of hiding in his room talking to girls or playing video games, agh I'm scared of those days.
God Bless.

Nutty mom-- said...

Awww, I know those days all too well.

Ang said...

Hey not sure I have told you in a while!! but you are a real inspiration to me! and if we ever meet up, It's my treat for lunch!! Keep up the wonderful work in your marriage and don't always feel like you have to post the good days..there will be bad's such an encouragement that you are so strong going thru this, with such young children and the hurt being so great for you right now!!! God is so Good!!!!! love ya ((( hugs)))