Thursday, January 8, 2009

His Sexuality ~ Chapter 4

Not for the faint've been warned.

So, I didn't highlight anything in this chapter. Mr B and I have sex regularly and if anyone gets turned down, its me. I have more of an appetite for it than he does, but that is due to his medicine. One thing we have been working on though is his approach and his "get right to it" attitude. For me to have a good time, I need a little something before hand. It took him nine years to understand what I was saying to him, but he finally got it and we do a good job practicing it. Another thing we are working on is having sex during the week because once on Sundays, right before church is not enough for me. Is that TMI? If so, just forget I said it. :) That's another thing, he wants to be spontaneous, but that always means while I am getting dressed to go somewhere we are already late for and the kids are all the worst possible time.

We were actually talking the other night, right after the hot chocolate and strawberry milk, I was saying, if he woke up in the middle of the night and wanted to, go for it...then I said, "You know, if it was me who wanted to in the middle of the night, you would tell me you were too tired and roll back over to go to sleep."...he admitted I was right and we both laughed.

One other thing she doesn't address a lot is the fact that when we are in the middle of it, I can't concentrate. I am thinking of those other women. I know its the enemy and last night I told him to get out! I think I just need to practice that. I also need to get my butt back to the gym and get back in shape. I feel too jiggly...I hate not being confident, you know? When I feel good about myself, I want to be with him even more.

Another thing that Mr B is struggling with that I had no idea about was internet porn. After we went and saw Fireproof, (in the movie, he has a problem with porn) Mr B confessed it to me and told me he had already stopped, but wanted me to know...thought I should know. The other night, he was on the computer and an add popped up. He said he thought about it for a minute then clicked the ad off. He said he realized later he was being tested and he passed. I am really proud of him for making progress and telling me about it, even though he knew I wouldn't find out.

Ok, was that enough? Now you know just about it all...nitty gritty...well, I could go on, but I will spare you. :)


Ang said...

Hey these posts are about being honest and like you said in another post..It's your blog and you can what you want!! :) I'll be praying for you !! Pray for me as much of what you said about 'weight' is so true..tack on about 15 years to your age and you can imagine how I feel. That is an area I have struggled with my whole life. But you are right, when 'we' feel better about our bodies, we show it!!

Nutty mom-- said...

Hey I like your honesty. I wish I could talk about sex like that, but geez my parents read my blog can we say awkward? I made need to e-mail you.....