Thursday, January 8, 2009


Mr B called me on his way home last night and this is how the conversation went:

Him: When I don't achieve something, do you feel like I'm a failure?

**Kinda caught off guard...usually, there is at least a greeting

Him: (Mostly to himself) I'm not asking this right...(Back to me) When I fail, do you think of me as a loser? Like I didn't try hard enough or I would have succeeded?

Me: No, of course not.

Him: Do you not say things to spare my feelings?

Me: What? Ummmmm... (Now thorougly confused)

Him: I mean, do you not say things because you are afraid I will be mad?

Me: No, I tell you things I need to say, I just think them through before I say them.

Him: Ok..

**I can hear in the background that the radio is really loud. Its a talk show and I can hear Mr B trying to repeat what the host is saying.

Him: Ok, ok...Do you ever feel like you have to walk on eggshells around me?

Me: No.

Him: Good, good...Do you feel like you can't bring up certain topics with me?

Me: No.

Him: Alright...(talking to himself)...that's 1,2,3,4...there's another one...Oh, I know...(back to me)...Do I ever make you feel bad about yourself.

Me: make me feel great about myself. What is all this about? Did I answer them right?

Him: Yes you answered them right. I am listening to this show on the radio and they are talking about best friends...and you are my best friend!!!

***He sounded so giddy about there might be a chance we were mortal enemies, but the quiz just turned that upside down and we were indeed friends. Just not friends, but BEST.FRIENDS.

When he got home, he had a huge grin on his face, slapped me a high five and said, "Sup BFF!!!"...

Sometimes I wonder about that man...he is too funny.


Mom on a Coulee said...

Hilarious and awesome all at the same time.

Ang said...

AHHH that about made me cry :)

heidi said...

OMGosh that is so flippin' cute!