Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday...Part 5

Here we are again. Another glorious Monday. Oh, the hilarity of last week. Here we go.

Ms. Belle did not tell my mom that she hurt her *ahem* lady area. When my mom inquired if she was ok, Belle did not say, "Grandma, it hurts...will you kiss it".

I don't ever fight with Mr B and I certainly don't yell out at him that "I'm PREGNANT" just to win an argument. If I am pregnant, I was totally planning to surprise him for Valentines Day, so yelling it at him is totally not something I would do.

I did not buy a four pack of pregnancy tests yesterday even though I am not supposed to get my period for another 5 days. I haven't already peed on two...they were negative...(they really were negative. I will take another Wednesday and another Friday...between you and me "WOO HOO!" I am not ready to be pregnant again, but if God sends us the blessing, I will be more than happy to accept another gift)...back to Not Me's...

I didn't get an enormous craving for rotisserie chicken at 2 AM and then proceed to the grocery store in my husband's Darth Vader pajama pants to claim my victory. I would never pout when there were NO rotisserie chickens and instead by a pair of $9 chicken breasts instead. I then didn't come home and spend an hour cooking said breasts, while my cravings started to make me hallucinate. Mr B didn't wake up right when they finished and eat one while I ate the other as we watched season two of The Office...craving TOTALLY satisfied. I didn't notice today that their wrapper said "Turkey"...huh?

I don't secretly wish that I was the husband and Mr B was the wife.

I didn't meet the most amazing Pomeranian this weekend and then make Mr B promise to get me one. I mean, we have two German Shepherds...a Pomeranian is a tasty snack. I haven't already started picking out names and dreaming of Christmas dresses...


-stephanie- said...

too funny about what your Ms. Belle said to your mom.

funny not me's you have.

and congrats on not being pregnant, or being pregnant....I get confused on Mondays.

Ang said...

OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH My goodness! ARE YOU PREGNANT????????????????? I am so happy for you!!! Your post was hysterical!

Amanda said...

This Not me Monday stuff is so confusing! LOL Congrats!?!?! I think? :)

Anonymous said...

That little pup is absolutely adorable!