Wednesday, January 7, 2009

His Finances ~ Chapter 3

"Pray that he becomes a giving person who is content to live within his means and not always strive for more...A man deserves to earn what his work is worth and his wife should pray he does."
Mr B is very generous. He has made it known to me that we will tithe, whether we can afford it or not. That is something I really respect about him. He does have a tendency to want things we can't afford and to his credit, when I tell him it's not in the budget, he understands. Actually, he will go as far as to not fill his prescriptions when we are low on cash...that is something I hate. If its a necessity, it comes first...screw the cable. I am praying for him that he gets the pay he deserves. He works very hard and I think the lack of compensation he is dealing with makes him feel undervalued.

"God wants your husband to find treasure in Him, not in finances."
We are working on this one together. Although money to us is a tool, it sometimes can fuel a desire for things we want. We both know we are happier when we do what the Lord wants.

Out of this entire book, this chapter may be the only one I can gloss over... :). Not that we don't have financial issues, but it never brings tension between us. We tithe and the other bills we can't pay, for now anyway, just get shoved into a drawer until we can pay. God provides and we trust Him.


Ang said...

I really need to read that book. I have heard so many people talk about it. You are such an inspiration to me. I can't wait to pull up your blog and see what God is revealing to you and hoping to put it to use in my life!! Thank you !!

Nutty mom-- said...

It really shouldn't be funny, but when you said that you pay what you can and the rest gets shoved in a drawer until you can pay it made me laugh. Maybe it's because I appreciate the fact that you don't let it stress you out to the point of going insane. And I'm really glad that finances aren't a big trouble point for ya'll, that's really encouraging!

jenn said...

Oh Mrs. B you always keep me going! THanks for the devotions...our pastor gave us those books (Wife and Hubby editions) when we got married. It reminds me to go back and reread them. Sounds like life is a little less challenging this week...God is always at work!