Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me Monday...Part 6

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What a weekend. So many things I dared to never do, dared to never say, and dared to never here we go.

I did not take three pregnancy tests this weekend, just to get my period today. Good grief, I spotted for ten days prior to my period, had the nausea, headaches, and all other symptoms, all to find out I'm not pregnant. Glad I could live through that hell, just to cramp like crazy today. Oh well.

I did not start to hyperventilate when I found out what it is going to cost to send Belle to pre-school twice a week. I then did not just about fall off of my chair when I came to the realization that after Belle, the very next year, Raef will start and the next year after that, Marcus. And what?!? It's not tax deductible for private tuition!?! Unbelievable!

Since I don't eat pork, I didn't venture over to the "wild side" and try turkey sausage...definitely not as good as pork...

I totally committed that I would go to the gym this morning, so when my alarm clock went off, I didn't rationalize in my head that since Marcus was asleep in my arms, it would be unwise to start working out today. Why wake the baby? Tuesday is just as good as any day to start...I'm totally not regretting that decision now. Get behind me Satan!!!

I did not have to give my husband an ultimatum this weekend...its either alcohol or us...(ok, I did and it sucked - he picked us)


heidi said...

Ultimatums suck. :-( Working out sucks, too.

Nutty mom-- said...

doesn't private school tuition suck!?! I'm sure you'll figure something out. So sorry for the other news :(

Christy said...

Why do you feel it necessary to send your children to preschool? I ask because not only as a home schooling mother, but as a mother in general all the research has proven it does NOTHING in the over all education of our children and ultimately is shown to harm them by the unncessary seperation of being with their parents.

There are a great deal of resources out there which will allow you to teach your child everything acedimcally they would possibly learn in preschool, much of it's online.

I'd be happy to share if you'd