Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Marcus...What Am I Going To Do With You?

Last week, I walked by the exersaucer that has been patiently waiting to come out of the garage and play with Marcus. I see it in there...all the little animals staring at me (the lion, seal, horse, and elephant), begging I finally obliged. Took me about an hour to clean it, get all the dog hair off of it, and eww...the old Cheerios out of the crevices...but finally, it was clean and awaiting Marcus' arrival.

So Marcus eagerly jumps in and immediately the animals start vying for his affection. He has a conversation with the horse, but between you and me, I think she's a little needy. He has some one on one time with the lion...they have a lovely time, but I think Marcus just wants to be friends. Its now between the elephant and the seal...

Marcus spends a little time with the elephant, but it is clear, all he can think about is that damn seal. She's been showing her goods and flashing that tail...its just too much for poor Marcus to handle.

So what does he do right in front of Ms. Elephant? Sucks face with the seal. There is saliva flying everywhere...I was so embarrassed. Look at him! He knows exactly what he's doing. Good grief Marcus! I raised you better than that!

I even caught him feelin her up under her tail and what did she do to stop it! Nothing! I think I am going to have to have a serious talk with that slut young lady!

Just the other day he was my little did he become such a player? Why God, why?!?


jill said...

funniest dadgum thing i've read all week!!!! you are HILARIOUS! i would say marcus and sophie could go to prom together, but now i'm not so sure...hahahahahaaha!

Nutty mom-- said...

Very funny. Too funny actually! Very creative

heidi said...


Ang said...

Oh could you just not squeeze him????????? I needed that laugh!!! :) a.k.a MOM...yes, cried on that one too.. :) you are a doll!!