Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Random Updates

Just some random things I wanted everyone to know...

1. I got my butt up and went to the gym today...gained 8 lbs since the last time I was there. On a strict diet until my dignity returns. Breakfast was a myriad of vitamins...yum.

2. On Stephanie Meyer's website, you can read the partial draft of Midnight Sun. It is Twilight from Edwards perspective. I am hoping she will finish it, but she says she wont...(insert tears here)

3. I officially have $1 in my bank account and don't get paid until the 6th...awesome.

4. I was late paying a credit card and yesterday, when I sent off the payment, I finally answered their call. Here's how it went:

Me: Yes, I sent my payment today...

Them: Are you having a tough time right now...

Me: (Sarcastically) Yeah! My hours were cut to five a week.

Them: (Super nice) Well, let me see what we can do. Ok, I just cut your interest rate to 10% (it was 23%) and put you on a payment schedule which will cut your payment in half. It will also stop the late fees and as long as you pay on time, we won't report anything to the credit bureau.

Me: Uhhh...thanks!

I should have answered that phone call last week! They've only been calling me eight times a day!

5. My mom bought us a printer for Christmas from Circuit City, but did not buy the cable I need to connect it. Its a Circuit City exclusive which means the ink and the cable must be purchased from Circuit City or!


Ang said...

OMG how great is that about the credit card..I am going to forward my HP# to you!!ha I feel your pain on the printer..I just replaced ink on 2 computers yesterday because we are having to print so much stuff for Whitney's scholarships/applications...her's were like $22-$25 a piece (she has a year old laptop) and my printer was like 72 years old and I only could find the black at $35..ugghh

Nutty mom-- said...

Man, glad the credit card guy was so nice! Way to get to the gym, I have no will-power.