Monday, January 5, 2009

Long Time No Write

So its been a while since I posted last, except this morning of course. Can't not post my Not Me Monday! I wanted to give everyone updates about what I've been doing.

Thursday we went over to my husband's parent's house to have Christmas. The kids got more gifts there than they did all day Christmas Day. His parents go WAY OVERBOARD. Do you see the gifts behind the seven kids...yeah, those are just for them from the grandparents. Lets not also count the presents from the aunts and uncles. We barely made it home with everything. Mr B and I also went out to see Twilight, but it was sold out. Gosh darn it, I want to see it so bad...does that make me a Twight?

Friday, Mr B had to work, but I spent the day at home, cleaning the house since we were having people over that night. The kids woke up sick, so I tended to them...they are still a little sick, but getting better. I then cooked dinner for our impending guests, chicken enchiladas anyone?, and got myself ready. Belle was happy to keep watching Dora as she posed for a picture with me. People came over at 10.30, Mr B didn't get home until 1.15 fun. We watched Tropic Thunder while we waited for Mr hilarious!

Saturday, I woke up sick (surprise, surprise) and Mr B was still sick, so he let his parents pick up the baby and visit with him. Mr B went to the nurses office in our local grocery store (keep the snickering to yourself) and was diagnosed with laryngitis. Mr B and I slept as much as we could, then I got up about 5 and since Raef and Marcus were sleeping, Belle and I went out on a little shopping trip. I picked up Power of A Praying Wife, which I am starting today. I will be posting my daily feelings, thoughts, whatevers, on here to sort of keep a journal. I also went to Hobby Lobby and got the above cross with all the kids pictures and the below humongous scroll thing, all half off of course. My dear sister in law gave me the crosses above the scroll and I got the angel and other two ornaments 75% off at was a great shopping weekend.

Yesterday, we went to church. It was a great service. He spoke to us about regrets. He quoted Jim Rohn saying, "We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons. That really hit home for me. Pastor then challenged us to find three characteristics we admire and practice them all week. I am still thinking about mine. We then came home and I made a huge breakfast. Sausage, eggs, biscuits, gravy, and french toast. After that, we slept until about 5...yeah, we do a lot of sleeping in our house. We then spent the remaining time we had left just being together. It was a nice weekend.


Nutty mom-- said...

lots and lots of sleep sounds good to me! Love your decor!

Christy said...

Glad you were able to get some well needed sleep! I love Power of the Praying Wife. I also have the Prayer and Study Guide to go with it, if you can, get has some great, great, great questions and just really makes you dig deeper!

Love your purchases! I love to get deals!!!