Friday, December 5, 2008


Can I say that tomorrow is the scariest day of my life? Well it's my blog and I just did!

I met with our lawyer today to go over a game plan for tomorrow. Don't get me wrong, I am innocent, but I am scared of getting emotional and putting my foot in my mouth. I cried 85% of the time I was in his office. On top of that, Marcus scratched himself just under his eye, so our lawyer thinks it would be best if he wasn't there tomorrow. Just don't want to raise suspicions. I am sad he won't be there. He is kind of like my security blanket, plus I know he would be good PR with his sweet smiles and glutenous've seen him, he's huge!

But I can't say I'm not worried. What if they think I'm lying? What if they think it's too rehearsed or I'm not emotional enough? I don't think that will happen though, unless I run out of tears tonight. I am terrified this investigator will be on a power trip and think we are unfit. If that happens, you won't hear from me again. Be warned, I WILL RUN TO MEXICO!!! :)

On to happier things...

Belle and Raef are with my mom tonight and Chris worked, so Marcus and I went on a date to Family Movie night at church. We watched The Ultimate Gift which didn't help my emotional side. Marcus was a perfect gentlemen. He let me eat all the popcorn and didn't snore once! It was great to just hold my baby and forget what was going on for two hours. Just what I needed.

Speaking of church, if you are ever in the KC area, I totally recommend Life Church. It is the first place I have ever really felt God. If I could live there, I would! If you aren't anywhere near us, you can also watch the sermons online. Pastor Clint is amazing...really gets you to think and not so preachy. He is very open about troubled past. Its nice to know your pastor isn't perfect, even far from it...he is a wonderful man!

Anyway, thanks to all those who will/are praying for us. I can feel your prayers surrounding me and I know God has my best interest at heart.

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Christy said...

Ok so now reading this I see you're in the KC area. My grandpa lives in Tonganoxie! I grew up North of Topeka.

I'm so glad all went well!