Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Think I Deserve A Gold Star

I packed the kids up and took them to Wal-Mart. This is the first time I have ventured out with all three of them by myself. Let me add that Mr Marcus is not longer in an infant carrier, so three kids and little 'ol me. Can't you just imagine? Raef in the cart seat, Marcus in the cart laying on two blankets and Belle riding on the cart...yeah, it was a zoo. But Marcus fell asleep and everyone just needed to talk to me about my hoard of kids. It was ok though. At least I got to talk to adults.

We went to Wal-Mart to pick up some prescriptions, but I am not about to waste a day out of the house. So we got supplies to make Christmas cookies. Oh, you want my recipe...ok, but know that it's a secret and I am only telling you because, well, your just so gosh darn good to me!

First, you buy a roll of sugar cookie dough...I know, it's complicated. Then,you roll out the dough and cut out shapes. Not with scissors people, but with cookie cutters or the opening of a glass. 350 for nine minutes and pull them out. Be sure to wear your oven mitt. Let cool, eat a few...then, the most important part...wait for it, wait for break out the Duncan Hines White Frosting. Ice 'em up, sprinkle a little glitter (red or green preferred) and **WAH-LA**, homemade Christmas cookies. I know, I should be Martha Stewart. Let me know if you want me to autograph the recipe.

So I get home and I bake a few cookies. I wrap a few presents, including The Other's baby and a gift for her other son. That wasn't so easy. Actually, it sucked, but I am trying to be a cheerful giver...I have the giver part down, but not so much the cheerful. While we are on the topic, I have a complaint. The Other is buying the baby a Power Wheel for Christmas. You know, the kind they get in and ride...let me refresh your memory...he will be one in January. My kids, they are getting Chutes and Latters, Candy Land, and a few DVD's. Nothing over $10. I know its Satan whispering in my ear, getting my jealousy gland going, but its hard to struggle every month, pay her child support, and get my kids such simple gifts. I know its not about the gifts, but this is Belle's first Christmas where she understands. I really want her to light up when she opens her presents. I just don't feel like its fair.

I have to complain one more time...last time I promise. I think I am coming down with a sinus infection. My throat hurts and I feel all stuffed up behind my nose and eyes. I called Mr B at 4, wanting to tell him that I wasn't feeling well and if he could try and make it home as soon as he could I would appreciate it. When he answered he immediately asked me if he could call me back in just a second. Sure thing. Well, that was five hours ago. I know he's really busy and he probably just forgot, but when do you say "Hey, I need you to pay attention to me. I need you to put me first or at least call me back."? It just drives me crazy.

I think Wal-Mart really zapped the kids energy because at least two of them have been sleeping at a time since we got home. Or maybe God is taking care of His girl...yeah, I like that better.

Can I also tell you that I am a regifter? I know its terrible, but I am totally selling stuff I got last year on Craig's if any of you are looking for a Britney Spears three piece perfume set, by all means let me know! It's a steal at $10. I am also selling a Louis Vuitton Cherry Blossom Wallet...$175. I got it as a gift a few years back and I have never used it. I figure these days, when money is tight I could do without just stares at me anyway. Oh yeah, one more thing, my Christian Dior Pink Satin Purse....crazy me bought it in Vegas for $850 **gasp! I know, ridiculous. Oh when cash was a plenty...those were the days.

I am very thankful that even though money is tight, we still have a warm house filled with the smell of Christmas cookies and children. What could be better than that?


Nutty mom-- said...

Way to go wal mart girl! I love your recipe, I'll have to try it. Mine usually consists of buy bag of cookies, open and eat. I hope you don't get sick, that'd just suck big time. Do you have anyone who can help if you are sick?

Mom on a coulee said...

We went to Wal-mart too, one on the end of the card, one on each side we took up the whole aisle and people had to wait for us to get out of the aisle before they could enter. We got the stuff to make finger food for School Christmas party, we made it to the car, all three screaming about something. I closed the door took a deep breathe and said a prayer, and then I got in and told them Santa was bringing 2 lumps of coal for each of them this year.

Cathy | Mommy Motivation said...

You deserve TWO stars for taking those tiny tykes out of the house, period. Anywhere. Oh my word. You are my hero. Seriously! Mine are much older and I avoid it at all costs!

and you complain away, girlie, sometimes we just need to have a little pout.

I'm listening.

And the kids? Are you kidding? they won't care a lick as long as they get a surprise, candy for breakfast, and tons of boxes to make into a train. They'll so LOVE it! this year, Heidi's 12 Days of Giving has COMPLETELY turned around my girls' attitudes. It has been amazing! I know your little ones will just be jumping on your tummies first thing Christmas morning! Enjoy it!

Mariah said...

WalMart?!?!?! Getting in and out of there with a bit of sanity is a triumph all its own!!

Regifting...I received a gift last year from a great person but couldn't stand the smell, but found out my stepmom loves the, you know, she is getting all that stuff this year:) I can't be specific, my chances would be that they would read this comment!!!!

I saw you are from Kansas...where are you? I was raised in Lawrence. Go Jayhawks:)

Tricia said...

ok there are a few things 1) you are my hero! three in walmart? I have done that a few times and its a struggle. but this time of year.. when I grow up i wanna be you! 2) you stole my cookie recipe.. and i would like it back. .thanks. :o)~ seriously.. my opinion is if you make them in your oven they are home made (i pay for the electric to cook em right?) 3) {{{{{mrs b}}}}}} boy do I understand the gift thing and you are amazing for even thinking of the others children. you are amazing, and I am glad to know you! btw, thanks so much for your comment last night.. he read my blog, then read your comment and things were really genuinely nice last night. ;o)~ I think I am gonna keep you


Tricia said...

oh no! I forgot you get five gold stars, one for each kid, one for the cookies and one because I can :o)~

ash said...

the neti pot is the BEST when it comes to sinuses. kind of weird, but works!!

heidi said...

Dude. That cookie recipe sounds like it belongs in a valut somewhere. Seriously? No scissors? Wow. ;-)

Baby B is getting moved out of his carrier this week, too. I dread it. I LOVE being able to just slap him into the car and take him whereever we're going and also be able to keep one hand on Corban, too.

Regifting is awesome. It's like the 'being green' of presents. ;-)