Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I want to thank you all for your wonderful support you gave me yesterday. Yes, I had a very bad day. Today, is much better. I often hear from those who have lost a loved one that grief comes in waves. Well, my sadness does too. I am happy to report however, that for the most part, my bad days are few and far between, but I do blog my true self. If it is a crappy day, I will let you know. I don't censor myself or try to make everyone comfortable. This is my journey and sometimes it just sucks.

I appreciate all of you praying for me through the gunk. When a comment is left for me, you have no worldly idea what it means to me. The prayers and words of encouragement from strangers really lifts me up. I believe God sent all of you my way, knowing I just need some good words that aren't from my mom! However, when I feel criticized in a comment, it does hurt and I will dwell on it probably more than I should. I want you to know that all the mean things anyone could think or say to me, I have already said to myself. I look back and wonder what I could have done differently. I know I cannot change anything now and I am working very hard to look to the future with a smile. You all are apart of my journey. I feel honored to have you on board.

I also want to let everyone know that if you ever have an issue, I will always be here to talk. So many of you have been so gracious to me, there is no way to thank you. I have set up an email address at if you want to email me. I also met this week an incredible woman who has been where I am. She was courageous enough to leave a comment, even though no one else knows. This email address is for such a circumstance. I love hearing from everyone and promise to "hit cha back"!

God bless you all and again, I covet your prayers. I am a long way from fixed, but I know one day I will be.


Ang said...

I guess first and foremost your blog caught my attention because of the name Mrs. B because my last name starts with a B..ha But I just wanted to tell you thank for what you wrote on my blog earlier. It was very uplifting to me. I know we don't know one another and one day we will see each other in Heaven. Just know I think about you often, and pray for very much. Thanks for taking time out of your day with all that you have going on right now and posting. that song just spoke to my heart that my daughter had sang and thought you might need that, that we aren't always going to be 'where we are now' that God is changing us all the time. Hugs:)

Anonymous said...

I think we all have our bad days. It is good for you to let it out because if you keep things bottled up inside you will explode.

'Mrs. B' said...

I love how honest you are on your many just write about the happy times- it's refreshing how real you are!

You're in my thoughts & prayers!

Nutty mom-- said...

HAH, you're comment on mine made me laugh out loud. Mr Nut tried so hard, but I was just recovering from being SO sick....he got a rain check though :)

Ang said...

One more song for you to hear..I am sure you have heard it a 100 times, but the 2nd verse is just so true..hope it lifts you up!!

Ang said...

My latest post..about the preacher..sorry failed to mention that part..:)