Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cristmas Pictures

I didn't say anything, but on Sunday a photographer came to the house to take Christmas pictures/family pictures. He was really great, but least to say my kids weren't...of course! We had to get up earlier than usual to go to the early service at church. I wanted to be able to have enough time to re-bathe them if necessary and get them lunch so they wouldn't be hungry and/or cranky.

All this planning and in the end, Marcus wasn't even there! Ok...well, he was there, but he turned into some kind of cranky, angry, hair pulling baby. Instantly the baby from The Incredibles comes to mind. That was Marcus...he just lost his mind. If you notice at the end, in the Marcus only shots, he is holding onto something...yeah, that would be my hair. He had a death grip on I am, trying to get him to laugh by blowing on his tummy and what does he do, try to rip my scalp off. Come on dude, I spent nine months growing you, the least you could do is let me look decent for ONE DAY!

Anyway, I think a lot of the pictures turned out really great. I did notice my family curse...the dreaded Check...translation - Chin and Neck morph into one. Its gross and embarrassing. I wonder if he can Photoshop that out? And while he's at it, thin out my eyebrows...what was I thinking? They are out of control and I apologize.

And yes, Belle is wearing her Easter dress...come on people, I have three kids under three. I have learned the art of multi-tasking and buying when things are on know, like buying an Easter dress AND taking Easter pictures in December. I think its rather clever.

I am so glad Christmas pictures are only once a year. Next year I will be adding a little white pill...Zoloft anyone? The doctor will prescribe those right?


Nutty mom-- said...

great pics, I love the ones of Belle hugging Raef! your family is so cute

Ang said...

OH MY GOODNESS those are beautiful!!! I have no idea why I never get a professional to do our Christmas shots!! I guess we just enjoy too much lugging a ladder around our entire yard while everyone complains as the cat climbs the ladder trying to knock the camera off as one of us RUNS to the camera, sets the timer and RUNS back to get in position...maybe that has something to do with ours not looking professional..ha
You all did a great job, especially with 3 small you should be mom of the year!! Just some precious shots of the kids and you and your husband!!! I couldn't even begin to pick the best ones!!

jenn said...

Really good photos...I always appreciate a mom that dresses the kids alike. And the Easter dress...anything that pretty should be worn more than once.

Heidi said...

I think they turned out great. Although the hair pulling looked like it hurt. Those big eyes on her are so cute!

Christy said...

Those are really good!!! Even the ones of Marcus unhappy!