Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Today is Tuesday, so its time for me to go to my dark corner and type...type about the pain, cry the tears of agony, and wallow in my self pity...oh wait, what's this...happiness?

Today, I find myself in a great mood. Happy with my husband, scratch that, totally in love with my husband. What's going on? Where is my Tuesday gloom? I don't know where its gone, but I'm pretty sure its out partying with my favorite sock that has gone missing from the dryer.

Today, I feel free, at peace and as I said before, in love with my husband. Maybe I'm ovulating? No, that's no it. Maybe its my migraine, haven't taken any today. Perhaps its that I have fallen in love with a fictional vampire (Edward anyone?)...Somehow I doubt it. Perhaps its the sugar high I am on from the Wal-Mart banana popsicles Mr B went out to get me at 1 AM on Sunday, I've only had four today. Perhaps then, its God giving me a glimpse. A glimpse into the future, near or far, or maybe a glimpse inside my and/or my husband's hearts.

Whatever it is, I am sure enjoying it. Life seems complete...well, it has less pits anyway. I like this new outlook of hope and love. And now, I am walking the faith...won't you join me?


Nutty mom-- said...

so cool! what changed?

Sarah said...

Happy to hear you are doing better and God is giving you such peace about things!!

ash said...

awesome! I have a feeling 2009 will be a great year for you!

Khadra said...

IM glad you had a good day. I hope today is just as good :)

Ang said...

That is awesome!! I am so happy for you! I got tickled when I read the part about "Edward"..when you get time and are completely bored go to my November and click on the Twilight *warning this is long**..ha Did you read the series?

Ang said...

I just read a post you had made on someone's blog saying something about having another baby...I was thinking you have adorable little stair step kids must have been having a senior moment..ha Hope you have a great 09!!! will be praying for ya!!