Saturday, December 6, 2008

So Here's What Happened...

After a week of cleaning my house (I wasn't going to have my kids taken away because of fur all over the carpet) and a million tears, our doorbell rang. My heart sank as I looked at her. Thin, short dark hair, older...kind of like what you think a penmanship teacher would look like...weird analogy I know, but she just seemed strict and really put together.

I asked if she would like something to drink and she requested coffee. I thought that was weird because how would she know if I put something in it...that sounds odd I know, but if I were her, I would want to open my own drink. Anyway, I made her a cup of fresh coffee in a cheery Christmas mug. Our house already smelled like cinnamon and warm vanilla since I had lit never know if your house has some weird smell...just wanted to cover my bases. Hate to lose my kids for a smell.

She pretty much started off with, "I don't think this happened over here." I think I had been holding my breath the entire time...I finally exhaled. Then it all came pouring wasn't even tears, just streams flowing down my face. She showed us the pictures of the bruising and I couldn't believe it. That DEFINITELY did not happen over here.

We told her about how things came to be. About the affair, about how I am trying to be kind and reflect my Saviour, and how painful this whole event has been. I told her how I had been crying all week with the stress of this on my shoulders. She said I should have called and talked to her...did we get an awesome investigator or what? I told her of my concerns that the mother would keep doing this and she assured me that she would always be taking this case if that were to happen. Hallelujah!

She also told us that the little boys grandfather had flipped out and yelled at her while she was interviewing the mother. At that point she started to wonder were the bruising really was coming from. She told us she believed this was a custody issue and not to worry. She said she had really great instincts about people and that she didn't believe we had anything to do with this. She said she believed the mother did this for custody issues and as she got up to leave, she asked if I would like a hug. I exhaled a second time. I couldn't believe this was turning out so well...Thank you God!

When Chris closed the door behind her, he turned to me and I again burst out into tears (big suprise, I know!). But this time, it was a glorious moment of relief...its finally over and I can hug my kids and not wonder if its the last time. Am I dramatic or what?

Thanks again to everyone who prayed. It really meant a lot.


Christy said...

What a blessing. Sounds like the case worker knows her stuff and the truth WILL come out.

Christy said...

BTW I forgot to say I see you're from Kansas too! So am I :) I'm from Northeast Kansas!

Ang said...

Oh that is awesome..I know you don't know me, I found your blog thru another but I have been praying for you!!I am so happy for you and your family..hugs :)

Ang said...

Thanks so much for your post. Yes it's amazing how many people you can meet thru blogging. I spend way too much time on here but like one of your posts said.."it's my blog and I can say it'..ha BTW your children are ADORABLE!!!!

Nutty mom-- said...

Wow, so I caught myself up on your story. You are an increadibly strong person. Let me tell you that you're in my prayers. I know I'm a total stranger but if you ever need to vent any leftover frustrations, I'm here. Hang in're an amazing woman!

Charity said...

I cannot believe that someone would do that to another person... Thankfully God was watching out for you and your family.

sumi said...

Do we serve an awesomely faithful God or what?!

I remembered visiting you from Angie's blog when you asked for prayer and decided to pop in and see how things turned out.

I'm doing the happy dance and praising Jesus with you. :-)

heidi said...

Oh my goodness!! I had to go back and figure out what was going on!! I can't imagine going through this. I just can't. I'm glad that things are working out ok.

Tranquility said...

What a scary, scary, scary situation.

I have to confess, I stumbled upon the current post of your blog earlier this evening and got so caught up in your story and the situations that you are in, that I've been on here reading for hours!

You've been dealing with some tough stuff - and handling it with so much grace and maturity.

I'm just stunned.

I wanted to let you know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!