Friday, December 19, 2008

Do I Have To Pay For Raef's Therapy?

Last night Mr B got home right around midnight...I didn't want to take any medicine until he got home, just because it's hard enough to watch three little ones hyped up on caffeine...last thing I needed to do was be zoning out and be the only adult home, you know? Least to say, I was very unhappy. I told him that he would be taking care of the baby tonight when Marcus woke up. If I was even going to stand a chance of feeling better, I needed to get some rest. He begrudgingly, and wisely may I add, agreed.

Well, Marcus is no where close to sleeping through the night. I am lucky to get three hours straight. Last night was no different, so around 5.00 AM, Mr B gave up..."let him cry it out". That would be fine with me except his crib is right next to our bed. Are you kidding me?Somehow Mr B can sleep through it, but I can't. Marcus just wanted to be up and entertained, so I obliged...til 6.45 AM. Finally, peace.

At 10.00 AM, my doorbell rang. I had a momentary laps in judgment and I thought it was animal control...different story for a different day. No, it was my mom. I was supposed to have the kids ready to go see Santa at 10. Well, they were all sleeping, including me. My mom, who is such a saint, helped to get them ready, cleared my dishwasher and refilled it and even helped Belle clean her room. Told you she's a saint.

Off we went to see Santa. Can I tell you how terrified Raef was? Poor boy.

Can you tell that my mom had to shove him in there? I also only later realized that I took the pictures and ran. Belle didn't even get to talk to him. I feel terrible. I might go ahead and take her again this weekend, just so she can talk to Santa. I can just think what the Elf behind the camera was thinking of me.

We then headed off to Panera to meet my Aunt Julie for lunch. We got there and it was a mad house, so we opted for Rain Forest Cafe which is just across the way from Panera. If you have never been there, it looks like a tropical rain forest with waterfalls, gorillas, elephant, monkey, talking trees, huge butterflies and such...did I mention the gorillas and elephants 'come to life' every 15 minutes and every 30 minutes there is a thunderstorm? Can you see where this is going? I think poor Raef was going to have a nervous breakdown. I could feel the anxiety just radiating off the boy. Those gorillas would hoot and holler...he would just stare at them, concerned as to why we weren't running.

After our adventure in the jungle, we finally made it home and guess what? My little tykes were tuckered out.

So today was a very good day! Pray for me tomorrow. I am having some real anxiety about Mr B seeing the boy. It just scares me to death, the possibilities. I also want to tell you how much better I am feeling. No stuffiness and only a slight headache. Whoa the power of prayer. I humbly thank you.


Nutty mom-- said...

Poor Raef, I think I still have Santa anxiety! How old is Marcus? I hope all goes well tomorrow.

Nutty mom-- said...

ooh, maybe.....would marcus be donut's age?

Nutty mom-- said...

what would we in laws?

Tricia said...

ok I think I really REALLY have to keep you.. My mother too is a saint (picture things being real bad.. I lose my mind.. mom comes in (du du du du du <---super hero THEME music.. she has it. I am still waiting. sigh.. but i gave up on the cape happy?) anwyways.. the Santa thing... I SO get it.. the last picture with the guy we got was with four kids and Mary (who will be 11 on Jan 5), being HELD in the picture at the age of almost 2. sort of slid in there. She wasnted NOTHING to do with Santa. David has seen Santa on HIS terms.. we go to the base. he sees him he waves.. shouts out his list from a SAFE Scary man with white beard distance lol. wow I just took your whole comment panel. I am sorry lol. tell you what we will open a ho ho ho hotline for kids traumatized by santa.

Tricia said...

PS (cause I obviously didn't say much) take a deep breath about him seeing the baby. count to ten and when you get there take a deep breath and know you are taking the high road and that it will all be ok. Oh abd PSS I am sorry Mr B didnt get up...I seem to recognize that.. ::::looks at sleeping beauty next to her:::

Ang said...

OH what adorable pictures!!! I don't see how you do it with 3 so close in age, mine are 9 years apart and I am wore out..ha Sometime when I get a chance I'll share some photos of my youngest 2nd and 3rd visit with Santa..They are hysterical. My older one, Santa was no big deal..but my younger one at the 2nd visit, I am ACTUALLY in the picture with her HOLDING HER DOWN as she screams bloody murder...then the next year...You only see my hand in the picture as she sits there (just in case she decided to bolt before the picture)ever"S GET THIS OVER WITH...after those it was a piece of cake..ha

heidi said...

Poor Raef! He'll be ok, promise.

Mom's rock, don't they?

Ok, now TELL me what kind of car that is that it fits THREE carseats side by side?!?! I'm serious. I need to know.