Monday, December 29, 2008

Not Me Monday...Part 4

We totally did dedicate our kids to the Lord yesterday at church with our family and friends present, however, my youngest would never pee a stream of urine onto the stage while we were up there. The inept lovely ladies that were taking care of him in the nursery prior to our dedication totally checked to make sure they were putting a size 3 diaper on him instead of his brother's size 5, so there would be NO gaps allowing a straight shot of pee in front of the entire congregation. I will not be teasing him about it for the rest of his life.

My brother from California did not buy my 16 year old brother a AK47 pellet gun from China for Christmas. And since this gun does not exist, we did not stage my five month old holding it for an impromptu photo shoot. What kind of mother would I be?

I did not take pictures of Marcus just this morning for his 5 month old pics with Eeyore...why, that would be 5 days late and I am never, ever late.

My husband did not wait until Christmas Eve to get me a gift, but didn't get out of work until after all the stores closed, so I did not get the said gift (or any gift) from him on Christmas. So, I would never think in return that since today is his birthday, no gift for him? I am above such things!

The neighbors didn't come over and offer to give us there boys old toys. We didn't gladly accept and then set them under the tree, unwrapped as Christmas gifts...ok, we did.


Daberath said...

Love the pictures of the baby, even with the gun! Too cute! Hope you guys had a great Christmas. And, there is nothing wrong with hand-me-down toys. They are new to your kids and thats all that matters :)

Christy said...

:) Good ones! Love hand me down toys, Emma got some too. If you look at my slideshow on my blog you'll see this wooden toy it's a large block with various activities to play with...that's a hand me down and Emma LOVES it!

Ang said...

You are sooooo funny! I loved the pictures!! That's awesome about dedicating your children!!

jenn said...

Oh, you are funny! My children also have their fair share of hand-me-down toys. (In fact, Gavyn has those same Rescue Heroes!) Many moons ago, I started wrapping little gifts to myself under the tree, just in case my hubbie also "misplaced" my gift.
Sending love,

Nutty mom-- said...

hey he wants a birthday gift just say "hey when was I supposed to have time for that?"

Nutty mom-- said...

Whew, I'm glad you got my humor. After I hit publish, I was like crap I hope I don't make her mad :)