Wednesday, December 10, 2008

An Offer Has Been Made

Last night, after Mr B came home from work, he told me that his fling baby's momma called. I will now be referring to her as The Other.

We are guessing the social worker was in touch with The Other and she didn't like what she had to say. No abuse from our side. I am also speculating that the social worker told her to get off her high horse and be thankful you have a father who wants to be involved...just my guess. Due to this new revelation that, indeed, as she put it, "I can't believe I will have you guys in my life for the rest of my life." Maybe you shouldn't SLEEP.WITH.OTHER.WOMENS.HUSBANDS! Just a thought!

Sooo...that brings us to the offers.

Being concerned for her son's welfare, she wanted to make Mr B an offer. She wanted to see if my husband, his father would like to wait to see him for a few years until he became "manageable". I am not sure what she even meant by that. Like giving a three year old to someone he doesn't know would be good for him, but I digress. Of course Mr B said no.

She then asked so boldly if he would sign away his rights and she wouldn't make him pay child support...I am totally wondering if she even cares about this boy. Mr B said no, but I must tell you in a very hushed voice, just between you and me, I wouldn't be so upset if he took the latter. Very unchristian of me and I am ashamed of myself, but it's true.

Here's the best part, The Other is so worried for her son's safety that she offered for Mr B to have him this weekend. You know, the man who she accused of beating him so badly there were bruises and he had to be taken to the hospital. I'm guessing she wants to go out on Saturday night. I told you, she's a winner.

So there you have it...two options, but neither are truly viable. I just wish everything could be the best in this situation. To be honest, before the allegations, I had been really struggling with being a good Christian to her. My ultimate goal was to be able to look her in the eye and give her a hug. Now I am lucky if I could see her without vomiting or maybe giving her a good thump upside the head...not very Christian.

I also have another secret. Before the allegations, when we would pick the little boy up, she would always just hand him over, like it was no big deal. Inside, it would kill me. I wanted her to be huffy and not want me there, etc. Deep inside I wanted her to feel a bit of the pain she helped to cause me. I would think handing your son over to another woman would make her a bit angry. She never showed anger. Ticked me off, but I was polite. So when she made these allegations, saying that she thought I did it and she was very angry I was apart of his life, I can't say I wasn't the tiniest bit happy that I had gotten to her...a bit of satisfaction.

Again, I am not being a very good representation of Christ. I will repent! :)


Nutty mom-- said...

I think it's cool that you're so honest....whether it's "Christian" or not. If that's the way you feel, then that's the way you feel. Thanks for being so more point for your strength and character if you ask me!

Kristin said...

I'm going to give you a piece of wisdom that a wise friend gave me recently when I was dealing with a vindictive ex-wife.

Don't give her your power. If you give her your power you give her control over you and your home. That is not what you want.

I read your blog often but comment rarely. I do want you to know I'm glad your investigation issue went so smoothly.

I hope you and those cutie pie little ones have a great holiday!

Kristin said...

A follow up...

There is nothing wrong with struggling with that pain. Your trust was broken. I truly get that...if you read much of my blog you know in my marriage I was the one who broke the trust. But, after going through much counseling and spending many dollars on husband and I finally get it. We are in a better place now than we have ever been in 8 years of marriage.

Hang in there. And by all means, vent when you need to vent. :o)

'Mrs. B' said...

I'm a new reader to your blog & I just have to give it to you- you are one strong woman! Go you!!