Tuesday, December 9, 2008



Just wanted to let you know that the footsie pajamas will not be worn tonight and I am pretty sure God made the arrangements.

When I went to get Raef up this morning, I found him laying in vomit. All over his blanket, sheet, and you guessed it, his footsie pajamas. Needless to say I threw everything in the washing machine. When I went to throw them in the dryer, I took the lint apparatus out of the dryer and in rolled an ink pen. Yes, down the lint shoot...great! I tried to reach in and get it, but no luck. So, I am not using the dryer until Mr B can get the pen out...which means, a new set of pajamas. God has a great sense of humor! :)


Sweet, sweet Raef is wanting his momma's attention. Whining at my feet as I serve my addiction...blogging. It really is a problem people. I finally give in to the "Eh-Eh....Momma" and look down at his angelic profile...what do I see? My ipod cord sticking out of his mouth, the other end of course attached to the computer...Ashamed.

Is it sad that when my son potentially broke my nose, after the shock of the pain, a quiver of excitement entered my body? Aflac pays!!! So Ashamed.

My daughter called our dermatologist yesterday "Daddy". WTFreak? Ashamed.

While sitting down to eat my bowl of 'Liptons Side' Alfredo that we had as a maincourse for dinner last night, with Marcus on one hip and my bowl in the other hand, I saw some of the sauce had dripped onto my chair. I swiftly wiped it with my finger and stuck it in my mouth. Something didn't taste right...maybe it's spit up...looked at Marcus, a spit up grin...lucky me. Humbly Ashamed.

Raef has worn the same footsie pajamas to bed three nights in a row...tonight will make four...Very Ashamed.

Marcus smells like Frito's and I am pretty sure he is making cheese in the folds of his neck. Disgustingly Ashamed.

I made pancakes this morning for breakfast just so I could have snacks for the kids that weren't messy....not because its snowing outside and it would be a great memory...just for the snacks. Not that Ashamed.

I asked Mr. B what he really wanted for Christmas. He looks at me all smiles and says, "You're pregnant?!?" Where did that come from...Definitely NOT Ashamed.


Nutty mom-- said...

those are too funny....I like the one about Marcus smelling like fritos.....strangely enough, that's about what my youngest smells like :)

Anonymous said...

I found your blog from A little slice of Heaven. I thought it was pretty cool you live in KS because so do I.
As far as the pjs go, my two girls can wear the same pjs up to two weeks before I remember they need to be washed so three days isn't too bad :)

Ang said...

Oh that is hysterical!!!! Hey look at the positive your kids are still young enough that you can fool them...I have an 8 year old..still good on that one..but the almost 18 year old..first thing she said to me and her dad this morning was "are you all wearing the same shirts you wore last night for our pictures?..nasty!!ha...course this comes from a kid that takes 2 showers a day and when she was little I had to drag her to get one...oh the joys of parenthood..:)

Jenney said...

Yeah, my kids have worn jammies all day and then gon back to bed in them...ashamed :o)

'Mrs. B' said...

I used to let my daughter entertain herself with my iPod cord too...;)

Good to meet another Mrs. B! Feel free to send that peanut butter cookie recipe my way! Mine were store bought & I'm quite certain no-where-near as good as yours!

'Mrs. B' said...

That sounds fantastic! That is my kind of recipe!!!

And I know it must've been tough to share such a sacred family secret...I greatly appreciate it! ;)