Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Freebie

Today is Heidi's Friday Freebie. Head on over there to see how you can steal win some great loot. Super cute stuff for a baby in your life, and you know I got plenty of those.

Today, my mom came over, God bless her, to help me get some errands done. I would have left her home with the kids just so I could go, but my poor kids haven't been out of the house since Sunday...the snow is in melty patches in the grass and when the kids went outside, they went berserk, stepping in it and such, so excited to be playing in the snow. It was really sad.

Our steps still have ice on them, so in all my brilliance, we went out of the house through the garage. I closed the garage door from the inside and preceded to **hop** over the laser so the garage would close completely. As I watch it go all the way down, my breathing starts to get faster.

I left the house keys in the house...I left the house keys in the house...I left the house keys in the house... I left the house keys in the house!!!!

So off we go to see daddy and get the house keys...I am such a smart cookie. I call Mr B to tell him we are on our way. No big deal, he's only 20 minutes away. Well, only 20 minutes away when the highway isn't DOWN TO ONE LANE!!!

An Hour later, we pull into his work and I call him to tell him we are outside.

Him: Do you have the Explorer keys?

Me: Yes (duh!) I am driving the Explorer.

Him: Babe...there is a house key on that set of keys.

Me: (Silence)...

I look down at the keys and sure enough, one Explore key, one remote box, and ONE house key. For goodness sake, there are only two keys on this ring and I just drove an hour to get it.

Back through traffic, to the store where I pop in without the kids as my mom sits in the car with them...did I tell you she's a saint?

Once we get home, I sit down on the couch EXHAUSTED! The creepiest best show is on and my kids are psyched. Ever heard of Yo Gabba Gabba? There must be some real winners smoking crack coming up with these episodes.

Its fun to brush your teeth
Its fun to brush your teeth
Its fun to brush your teeth

Turn on the water
Turn on the water
Turn on the water

Ok, enough of my off pitch rendition of Yo Gabba Gabba's robot singing about personal hygiene. Like I said, my kids and I were zombies, zoning out to this nonsense, that was until Elijah Wood guess starred and wanted to teach my kids how to dance. Here I am, watching Froto working the "PuppetMaster" with a green striped monster who's arms obviously need to have corrective surgery. Luckily that snapped me back to reality.

Speaking of crazy kids shows, see what a completely different Heidi has to say to Dora. OMGoodness, probably the funniest thing I have read in a really long time. I am kinda sad I didn't write it myself.
Have a great weekend!


Nutty mom-- said...

Hey, at least you didn't lock yourself out at 11pm, when your hubby works 24 hours, with a sleeping 6 week puppy inside. I did that when we first got married. I had to get my bro to drive me to the firestation to get a key.

Nutty mom-- said...

personally I like Kawink-i-dink better. I figured I gotta enter a "name something" contest where I have a better than like 600-1 chance (as in MckMama's blog) :)

Ang said...

well that sounds like something I would do! Hey at least you aren't too prideful to put it in print..just shows you are human..:)

Nutty mom-- said...

Hey I'm not too crafty either, I just happened to be running errands with my sis and we stopped at Michael's (a craft store). If you have Hobby Lobby they also have them, if not....maybe wal mart or Target? Just be sure to look for the small pieces that are peel and stick on one side, it made it so much more fun and almost mess-free!

Heidi said...

Oh my gosh, I would have totally done the same thing. Mine wasn't so bad this weekend, but I did lock my keys in my van at a birthday party & had to have someone go get my spare key from my husband. (he was home with a sick, sleeping toddler) Not fun. Thanks for the link though about Dora. I am so glad everyone can relate to that one. Stay tuned, I am working on another one & it includes Diego.


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