Thursday, December 4, 2008

Five Addictions

My favorite Jenn just sent me this great award! The rules are you must list five addictions then pass it to five people. Here goes!

1. Dancing with my kids...they are so much fun. Here is a clip when I was VERY pregnant with Marcus, but could still rock out with my stomach out! :)

2. Banana Popsicles...not any banana popsicles, but these cheap, twin pops that Wal-Mart sells, 18 in a bag for $1.66...that's less than $0.05 per single pop. Mmm...they are so sugary. At the end of July, right before Marcus was born, I bought three bags and ate them all in four days...its a sickness!

3. Getting pregnant...I am working on slowing this one down!

4. Following blogs of women in the midst of great tragedy like Jenn, Stacy, Taylor, Angie, Rachel & Jen. Something about these women standing trough such a treacherous storm and sharing their true grief has helped me tremendously. Most don't know me, but I wish I could give each one a hug and let them know what their lives and their babies lives have meant to me. All six of these sweet women have lost someone very close to them...five out of six lost babies after giving birth...something I can't even imagine, but they let me in for a glimpse. What wonderful spirits they have.

5. Kisses...from Mr B, from my babies; that weird side kiss I give my brother. I just love the intimacy it takes to kiss someone. Even a kiss on the forehead is precious. When Belle really wants her Papa's attention, she will hold his face with both hands, pucker up and lay a fat one on him! It's the cutest thing.

Now the five I am sending this award off to.


jenn said...

Yea! Sometimes it's so hard to think of good things while we are in the midst of a bunch of did it. We're praying for a good Saturday for you.
Love you too...

Rachel Tenpenny Crawford said...

I do not know you but you left a comment on my blog today. I am Aubrey and Ellie's mom. I was so touched by what you said I found your blog so I could meet you. I saw that you follow a few of the blogs that I follow, like Audrey Caroline. I also began to read your blog and something amazing happend that I have to share with you. God is using you to reach across the country to bless me in my grief. When I was pregnant with my son over three years ago a song would come on Christian radio that always made me cry. It was sung by a woman and the first verse was about a woman who lost a baby. I remember it because being pregnant for the first time I could not fathom ever losing a child. To me it was the worst thing that could ever happen. Since Aubrey and Ellie died I often think of that song and how I know now what it is like to be held by God. But for the life of me I could not think of the name of the song and had no idea who sung it. As I read your blog today you have a post that talks specifically about the song; Held by Natalie Grant. Finally I have found it! You have no idea how long I have been looking for it! It is a powerful song and I cried of course just reading the lyrics. It is hard to accept that I am that woman now. God is holding me while I grieve for my babies. Thank you for posting that. You have blessed me more than you know. Take care. Write anytime. -Rachel

mrs. r said...

you are too kind! i am so excited to do this for tomorrow's post.

Rachel Tenpenny Crawford said...

I am so sorry about your marriage. I relate more than you even know. My husband and I are on the verge of a divorce. I am looking to God for a miracle. I don't talk about it on my blog. I guess I am not ready to be that transparent. My life has been hard, really hard, and the serious stuggles in my marriage have only been exposed by the death of my girls. I am grieving on so many levels I cannot even describe. My heart goes out to you. Be strong. Let your heart heal. You are so right to say that Jesus will never let you down. Life can be so disappointing. As we both know. But God does not disappoint. You are on my heart. You really are.

Jen said...

Thank you so much for this award! I'm going to put it on my blog now.

Thank you as well for always leaving such touching comments on my blog. Again, such kindness and support from strangers. But it all means so much to me.

Thank you!!

Taylor said...

Thank you so much for this award!!! I will post it very soon! :) I'm so happy to read that the investigation went well and that you can now breathe a sigh of relief. I admit I was holding my breath as I read your words and I am so pleased that it went well!

I'm not sure if you know or not, but I'm from KS!!! I was born in Lawrence and my dad and grandparents still live there so we go and cheer on our Jayhawks as much as possible! (I hope I didn't just offend you if you are a K-State fan!!!) :)

Thanks again for the award!