Monday, February 2, 2009

Feeling Icky

So since last week, Belle, Raef and myself have been fighting this yucky, phlegm filled, sickness. Cough, fever, congestion, lots of mucus and swollen glands...sounds fun right? I have been giving the kids Triaminic or Robitussin and Tylenol or's what I learned, even though the Triaminic says "Sore Throat and Cough" don't give Tylenol for the fever...Triaminic already has it in there you go.

Raef has had it the worst, hardly eating and not sleeping well because the coughing keeps him up...poor baby. He gets so grouchy that he doesn't want you to hold him, but you can't put him down, cause then he'll cry.

Saturday, Chris took Marcus and went to pick up the baby and took the two to his mother's house. He was supposed to be back in time to take Raef to the walk in clinic by our house which closes at 5. He told me he would leave their house (about 45 minute drive from ours) at 2.30 and his parents would be taking the baby back to the other at 4. I hadn't heard from him, so at 3.45, I called and he was just leaving their house to take the baby back home...15 minutes the other way.

So, I had been home all day with two sick, super cranky kids and I was sick myself. I just wanted to stay in bed and pound down the NyQuil... So when Mr B was coming home late and not only late, but too late to take Raef to the doctor, I was less than thrilled...ok, I was pissed. If I had had a car, I would have taken him myself, but Mr B had our only vehicle.

I used my angry tone, but I kept myself from blowing up. He said he would hurry and that he would try to get home in time. At 4.55, he pulls into our driveway, we switch kids, and he takes Raef. He gets there too late and they won't see him. Mr B then drives 30 minutes to another clinic that stays open later. After an hour and a half wait, they see my sick boy. The doctor writes him a RX for a medication that used to be OTC, but now you can only get from the doctor and even most doctors don't prescribe it.

Mr B goes to CVS, they don't have it. Its too late for anyone else to have their pharmacy open so we just have to wait til Sunday. The next morning, Mr B takes Marcus to church and drops off the prescription at Wal-Mart. They don't carry it either. He then goes to our local grocery store, they have it, but it just went out of date. The pharmacist also tells him that even if they did have it, she probably wouldn't give it to him...that it while kids are on it, it makes them slow...I am not sure what she meant, but if she would have seen him, he couldn't get any slower! Maybe it would have helped him sleep.

So today, he is worse then ever. My mom comes over and says he needs to go to the doctors. I call Mr B and he thinks so too and wants to take him to the ER. I take my moms car and I meet him up there. They took chest Xrays and no pneumonia! Praise God! They gave him a breathing treatment and a RX for a strong antibiotic.

Hopefully this will help. He hasn't had a real meal since last week, but the doctor's said that as long as he is keeping hydrated, no to worry too much about it.

So, will you say a prayer especially for my little boy?

Also, I want you all to know that I didn't fight or yell at Mr B for forgetting. I am trying to learn to be more patient and to tell you the truth, I figured he would be late. It's just how he is...isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? So, I'm just trying to be patient and insane at the same time.


Julie said...

wow! you are a great woman! Feeling icky and me being pissed don't go well in the same sentence. I sure hope that your little boy gets better. My little boy has the same thing I think.. only we are only on day two... my coughing is getting much better and well at least I am starting to get my voice back.
I hope and pray you all get better soon. Life is much happier when everyone is well.

Ang said...

Oh wow! What a weekend!! I think I wrote earlier on a post, that we have had that junk for 3 weeks! It's like you start to feel better and it's back! I can't imagine feeling the way I was with 3 little ones!! AND the hubby getting home late...ha needless to say I probably wouldn't have been nice as you:) The word strangle come to mind..ha I hope you and Marcus feel better soon!!!!! (((hugs)))