Tuesday, February 3, 2009

His Relationships ~ Chapter 17

1. What are your husband's friends like? Are they godly? Are they an asset or a detriment?Explain. His only true friends are the friends he has had since he was a kid. In no way do I feel like they are an asset in his Godly walk. I can't even think of one that claims to be a Christian, let alone go to church and encourage his daily walk. He has a hard time letting people into his vulnerable self and trusting others, so he doesn't make true friends easy.

2. Proverbs 12:26 Are there any people in your husband's life that you consider to be bad influences? Does he have any relationships that continually trouble him? Explain. Yes. He has a friend right now who cheated on his wife several times and now she is cheating on him. Mr B seems to take his side and in my eyes, they are both wrong, but I can see how she would lose the connection with him after him hurting her so many times. Mr B just sees his friend hurting.

3. 2 Corinthians 6:14 Does your husbands have any close friends or business relationships with people who are not believers? Pray for them. All of them it seems.

4. Where does your husband find most of his friends? Do you think it is a good place to meet the kinds of friends he needs? His only true friends, (the friends he actually sees outside of work) all come from his childhood. I am hoping through church and us doing more volunteer work, we will start to surround ourselves with Godly people.

5. Does your husband have close, believing, male friends or mentors who counsel him and encourage his spiritual growth? Does he want them? No he doesn't, but I think he would like some.

6. Does your husband have a good relationship with each of his family members? Is there anyone in particular who is especially troubling for him? Are some family relationships weak or strained? Pray about these. He has a great relationship with his family...I would say that they go to mass out of obligation and not for their spiritual growth. Like its a matter of duty, because I never see them put any of the Catholic principles into practice. I don't mean to judge, but I only say these things because now that Mr B and I are going to a more "hands in the air singing, amen, hallelujah" kind of church, they seem more concerned that he is no longer Catholic than on how much he is growing. The steps I take, like no longer eating pork as a show of dedication to the Lord, seems weird to them. I feel like they criticize me for taking him away. So all that being said, I think they mean well, but sometimes the barrier that is between us now because we aren't Catholic, strains our relationship. To me, as long as you believe in Jesus and you work every day at your walk, it doesn't matter the church you go to. Its all about where you feel God. If Belle grew up to be Catholic and really did it, I would be thrilled. If she grew up and went to our church just our of duty, I would be sad.

7. Is your husband part of a prayer group or Bible study? If yes pray for it, if no pray for him to find one. No. He keeps saying he is going to go to this class on Sunday night, but he has yet to go.

8. Is their any relationships your husband has that are strained because of his unforgiveness? Pray for him to forgive. No.

9. How is your friendship with your husband? Do you think it can be improved upon or deepened? Pray for this. I think we are good friends. I think I am his best friend...but we can always improve.


Ang said...

So well said...You are so 'mature' spiritually!! Men AND women need accountability in friends. I know the city we used to live in years ago my husband met 'his best friend'. A Godly man that kept Charlie accountable. Now that we live in different states do I realize how much MORE I should have cherished that. I mean I did, but not near to the degree I should have. I know when they come to visit he is a different man. It's almost like we go back in time.

I hope you guys are feeling better!!!!

Ang said...

I don't like it when my 'children' are sick!!:)