Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Playing Catchup


Sorry it's been so long. Thanks for those who sent emails seeing if I was ok. I am. We are. All's good.

Valentine's Day was a good day. We (me and the kids) made Mr B a poster that declares, "We love Papa". We colored it and stuck on some Styrofoam hearts. I printed off a bunch of pictures of the kids (including the baby) and we had a good time framing those in hearts and putting them on the poster board.

Mr B bought me three roses for each of the kids, a sweet card, and some chocolate. Oh, and a stuffed monkey that says "I'm your primate". He knows me too well.

On Saturday we were supposed to be going down to see my brother wrestle at state, but he lost on Friday, therefore didn't make it on Saturday. We opted not to go, since we would have all three kids and its a three hour drive. Instead, we hung out at the house and had breakfast. It was nice to be together and just veg. At one point I was down stairs reading through my Bible and Mr B called me upstairs. He had a slow song playing and he asked me to dance. We slowly moved in circles to the rhythm of the song, our breaths in sync. I then felt a wet tear on my skin and looked up. He had tears streaming down his face. -Note that usually when the sobs come, there is something he is feeling very guilty about- I cautiously asked him what's wrong. "I just don't deserve you". Was his reply. It was a sweet moment and my love deepened for him.

I did ask him later if there was anything he needed to tell me and he reassured me there wasn't. I like not having secrets between us. I like him knowing where I am (spiritually and mentally) and I like to be with him.

We also took the kids to the local outlet mall to let them play in the kids area. They had a great time. Belle wanted to go on the carousel so bad, so we ended up taking her and it was all she could talk about. I wish I could take them everyday. Even Raef came out of his shell a bit. Even Marcus had a good time!

Raef is now sleeping in a toddler big boy bed and Marcus has moved out of our room into the crib. Raef loves it so much, but I swear every other night when I go in because Marcus is crying, I nearly step on Raef who has fallen out of bed and just ends up sleeping on the floor all night. He is such a heavy sleeper; I wonder if he just slides onto the floor and doesn't even wake up.

I have gone on a strict diet and I think that is helping me keep things in control. Now that I can control this, it is easier to take on other things (like the house). I am working on getting this place together. It seems like a mad house and I would like to walk around here without clutter. Maybe I will jump on Heidi's bandwagon and get to cleanin'.

Hope you all are well. I am really behind in my blog circle. I have been obsessed lately with (*ahem) debating politics on Craigs List. It's like I get to talk to adults during the day. Every now and then I need to be pulled out of the spit-up, whining pit I find myself in.

The kids are great. Raef's birthday is on the 8th and we are throwing him a football themed birthday party. Luckily I found a lot of football decorations after the Superbowl and he LOVES football. Noticed?

Well, I must go. Kisses to you all and thanks for the prayers. They were a miracle last week.


heidi said...

I'm glad you checked in! I was worried, I confess. I'm glad it was unnecessarily so. Sounds like things are moving right along. :-)

Khadra said...

Im teary eye'd myself now over the dance with your husband. That is so sweet :)

Ang said...

OH I am so thankful you had such a great week!!! I LOVED the poster you all did for Mr. B. What a thoughtful thing to do...I can't believe his birthday is coming up so soon..sure wished I lived closer and I would sure come and help decorate!!!!! That's what mothers do right?.ha and BTW I reposted after you on the 4-wheelin..gorgeous?...oh my...God surely has blessed you with a gift of kindness!! love ya sweetie