Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Please Pray For Us...

I am asking for your prayers. My husband and I are setting forth on a new endeveor that we need guidance on. We must get through our own issues before we can begin...that is why I am asking you to pray. We believe that we are on the edge and about to make a leap that is at a turning point in our lives. We believe God is calling us to use our talents in a BIG way. We are scared, yet honored. We aske that you pray for God to give us direction and reassurance as we take these steps in the coming months. As more details come, I will let you know more about our new path. Thank you so much!

1 comment:

jenn said...

You have our prayers. (and I hope your nose feels better!) Thanks for your support.

PS. We are neighbors...I'm in Nebraska...I'll let you know if You can drive up and help. ;)