Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Serve An AMAZING God!!!

I sit here writing in see, money has been extremely tight. If you read below, I was going to get Belle a Twinn doll for her birthday. That was until I found out I will only be working 12 hours this week and my husband gets no Christmas bonus...nor do I.

I called my husband this evening and he knew something was wrong. I told him I was so stressed out...I wasn't sure how we would finish our Christmas shopping and I didn't know how we could afford extras, which includes a tree. He told me not to worry. He would come home and we would discuss what we could sell. Everything would be alright.

I know he's right. God promises to take care of his children (I know Christmas isn't a necessity...) and we would be fine. I also know God promises to give back in abundance to those who tithe (which we can't afford, but we can't not afford...know what I mean?) So we give to our church as commanded.

Well, God has shown up in a big way. Along comes an angel. My friend Jessica's MIL had a nine foot, pre-lit Christmas tree she was giving away. Jess called to see if I wanted it. You bet!

Well, when Linda came over to drop it off, she also dropped off a TON of food and she just happened to have diapers in the sizes I need. I literally only had 2 of Raef's diapers left and 4 of Marcus'. She didn't know my situation, she just had them left great is our God!

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Mary said...

Mrs. B.,
So happy to hear that Christmas will be working out this year for you all. I know money is a huge stress - wish is wasn't! I lost my job two months ago, so I understand that stress for sure.

I read your comment on Amy Beth's blog, ministrysofabulous, this is Roomie by the way, and I was really hurt. I know you don't know me, therefore you have no way of knowing what is really true, but her blog posts are frequently embellished, this one is no different. I just wanted to try to set the record straight. I hate to be painted as selfish and mean - no one has ever referred to me in that manner. But please don't think that of me. It really hurts.
Your blog is rather cute FYI.

Mary and Baby Asher