Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Broken Nose

My sweet Raef...let me tell you a little bit about him.

He is the only child we have that wasn't a "surprise". After we had Belle, my husband was terrified of her not having a brother to protect her and of course, he had to be close in age to keep an eye on her when she goes to school. I wasn't really sure if I wanted another baby so soon, but I gave Mr. B a month to conceive a child. I actually had the birth control in the fridge to start the next month. Well, after that month, June 25, 2006 to be exact, we conceived Raef.

Right after he was born, I really bonded with him. Mr. B had really fallen in love with Belle and I felt like I needed to protect Raef...that kind of sounds weird, but its was as if I knew Mr. B would want to train him to be a man from the beginning, so I needed to cuddle him a little extra. Just for note, Belle is still cuddled by Mr. B...good thing she can't ask him for his credit card, because he would give it to her!

I think all of my extra cuddling and kisses have made my sweet Raef a little soft, which I don't mind at all. He is a sensitive little boy who will follow his sister anywhere. He likes to crawl into my lap and just be held, which I LOVE, but he does have a little drama in him. When he falls, you can tell he cries just to get the attention, not because he is really hurt. The funny thing is, he only does that when I am around! When it's him and Papa, he likes to act tough! No crying!

So that brings me to last sweet little Raefy broke my nose. I was lying on the couch and he grabbed a plastic bottle opener I had in my hand. I didn't want him to have it, so I held on. His hand slipped and I conked myself in the the right side is all swollen and it hurts so much...who knew my first born son would break his mommies nose? Its ok, I forgive him!

Here is Belle and Raef at Halloween. Belle is Princess Belle and Raef is Peter Pan. So cute!

Here is Marcus...poor little monkey fell asleep trick-or-treating!

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