Friday, March 27, 2009

His Attitude ~ Chapter 20

1. Does your husband frequently have a bad attitude or is he usually even-tempered and cheerful? Explain. Without his meds, my husband is a different person. He lives in a place full of sorrow and hopelessness for seemingly no reason. When he is on his meds, I could be around him all the time. His smiles are endless and his laughter is musical. He is mostly always on his meds and tried to always have a good attitude.

2. Do events of the day affect your husband's attitude, or is he able to rise above them and cast his cares on the Lord with ease? Explain. If it's about work, its hard for him to let go, but eventually he does. I believe it's just his human side showing through. The more he relies on God, the more work he sees Him doing, the easier it is for him to let go next time.

3. Do you react to negativity in your husband? How so? Do you immediately go to the Lord in prayer about it? How could you respond more positively?????? Especially now, yes. With my diet comes grouchiness, which has nothing to do with him and everything to do with my own lack of patience. I am really working on "slow to anger", but its a tough one for me.

4. Has your husband's attitude affected you as a person? How so? Have negative attitudes been brought in you as a result of his reactions? Explain. In the past with the affair, yes. But now, his giving attitude has really been shining through and it is helping to make me a better person. I am a better person because of him.

5. Has your husband's attitude affected your marriage in a negative way or a positive way? Explain. How could you pray about that? Like I said before, once he decide to get back on his meds (after the affair) it was the best part of our marriage. It's like we have two haves of our marriage. Before and during the affair was hell on earth and I suffered alone while trying to take care of our children and then now...I LOVE our marriage and I am deeply in love with him.

6. Read 1 Corinthians 13:2 Does your husband have a full knowledge of the love of God? Do you feel he has truly experienced God's love in his life? Have you? Explain. How could you pray about that? For his family, he does. As for others including those who give him strife, he doesn't (but how many of us do?). I can see that he is working on it. Sometimes I remind him to be compassionate. I do see him growing.

7. Read Proverbs15:13 In light of this Scripture, how could you pray for your husband's attitude? I can pray for him to not let sorrow dwell in his heart. I think though, that this is a problem more for me. Sometimes, I tend to dwell in the past and that is a place of hurt, not of hope. I need to be snapping out of those spells faster than I am because all it is is damaging to me and our relationship.

9. Read Matthew 12:35 Do you see good things or bad things come out of your husband's attitude? How can you use this Scripture to pray over your husband? I can pray that he is able to see the good and bring forth the good in all situations. I only want good for him. His successes are my successes.

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Ang said...

Boy you better be glad you have 2 recent posts...I was getting ready to send the blog police to your house:) I loved your post! It's so true and I think it's hard for all of us to a degree to let go of things. Or it is for me anyway. I could go to God so much more than I do with things because I hold onto them much too long and try and fix them rather than giving it to God in the first place. Also loved your last post. Tried to get on Craig's list and read all that you have been writing and it's soooooooooooooooo good..I stayed up WAY too late the other night reading..major addicting..ha I see what you mean..and I was only reading not writing it! ha