Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I am taking a class at church called Celebrate Recovery. In it, we journey through our hurts, hangups an habits in order to find victory in our lives and leave those burdens behind. Here are some of the truths I have discovered.

  1. When I mess up, God never yells or guilt trips. He lovingly picks me up and walks me hand-in-hand through the consequence, never leaving my side.
  2. I live behind a mask of perfection. Behind this computer is a dirty house with laundry needing to be done. I will never pretend otherwise.
  3. To "Give it to God" means to believe in His plan and trust Him enough to live life everyday as a faithful child of God. It doesn't mean the hurt is gone, only that He promises not to waste it.
  4. I can't change other's choices or behaviours. Only my reactions to them.
  5. Fixating on other's problems is only a clever way to keep from fixing my own.
  6. I am responsible TO others adults, but not FOR other adults.
  7. Sanity is having the freedom to say God is in control AND believing it.
  8. God's plan for me is perfect, yet I live in an imperfect world.
  9. God's mercy is renewed every morning, and so should mine.
  10. Prayer is powerful.

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Mom on a Coulee said...

Have to say I'm glad your back, and love what you had to say, can't believe how much your kiddos have grown.