Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Are You Sitting Down?

Mr B called me Saturday on his home with the baby, waking me up. "She had me come in saying she needed to talk to me." He says.

My heart starts racing...what could it be? Was she going to try and take the baby away? Was she deciding that we could have him? Was she moving to another country? Let me tell you, the next words out of Mr B's mouth were no where in my top million ideas of what she wanted to talk about. "She told me she's a lesbian."

What?!? A lesbian. She couldn't have figured that out three years ago, BEFORE she slept with my husband?

So what now? We already have to explain the baby to our kids, but now his mommy likes other girls. Could my life be any more bizarre?

Here's the kicker...I'm kinda relieved. Like she's not competition anymore. Does that even make sense? I don't think Mr B would make that mistake again, but it's almost like I can see her differently now.

So Mr B and I actually had the conversation of whether she was the "girl" or the "boy". Sad thing is, we don't know...

I sit here writing about her for the first time without crying. It's a weird sensation. No anger, no rage, no betrayal. It seems strange to think that such "out-there" news got me over the hump. Just goes to show, who knows what can happen in a day.


jill said...

uhhh, wow. i'm not even sure what to say. i'm with you though - those words wouldn't have been in my list at all!

Ang said...

Wow I am at a loss for words..can you believe that???????? I am glad so glad you are alive and breathing..I have missed you!!! Just keep praying that God will give you guidance that God will direct you all in what to do and teach this little baby!

You have got to read my blog, I have posted alot of stuff over the last being is that I had a heart attack last month..but I am now doing fine.

So glad to know you are doing well..
love ya girl!!!

Anonymous said...

YIKES! Is she able to read this, by the way?? Maybe I'm a bit paranoid... but I would hate to read this from the wife of the guy I was with! EEEK... also, I'm worried your husband could be using this as an excuse for going into her home? Sorry, I think I just think the worst sometimes. I'm sure it's nothing.

Just started reading your blog from "tale of two coins."

Best, Annabella in California (S.F.)